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Fireproof Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Production Line 600-1400kw Power

Minimum Order Quantity : 1Pcs Price : Negotiation
Packaging Details : Standard Packing For Export Delivery Time : 20-45 Days
Supply Ability : 30 Sets Per Month
Place of Origin: Henan,China(Mainland) Brand Name: WD
Certification: BIS ISO CE Model Number: AAC

Detail Information

Autoclave Diameter: 2m Or 2.85m Capacity: 50000-300000CB
Power: 600-1400kw Color: Optional
Automatic: Yes Boiler Evaporation Capacity::: 2-10 (t/h)
High Light:

aac block equipment


autoclaved aerated concrete equipment

Product Description

50,000~600,000m3/Year AAC Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Panel Production Line With 600-1400kw Power
AAC Production Line
AAC Brick Production Line (light brick ) is the light and porous buidling material. It has light weight keeping temperature cant burn and other can be made into many kinds of bricks(for example: 600×200×100,80×80×180,240×115×53,600× 200×125),they could be used industry building and common building.they are more and more popular in the the future,they will replace the Clay brick completely. 50,000~600,000m3/Year AAC Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Panel Production Line
Difference between the AAC block and the common block
Common concrete density is usually 1600- 2400kg/m3,but AAC Machine are 550kg/m3-680kg/m3. It has not the big grain,main use silicon material (for example:coal ash,sand,stone dust and others ),through making the material small for example sand,they can be used directly if has enough degree of small (for example coal ash.Mixing calcium material lime cement water to a special slop,then add the aluminum dust and the additive.Make the aluminum dust and the special slop have a Chemical reflect.then produce Hydrogen to make the concrete slop to expanding or swell,foam.Next,put them into the curing room to concreting cutting steaming curing,last,there will bacome the light brick,the porous rate is 70-80%. 50,000~600,000m3/Year AAC Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Panel Production Line
Main raw materials for the AAC block
1, Sand: meet standard JC/T622-1996, technical requirements: SiO2s >65%, 0.08mm residue on sieve <20%, CaCO3<10%, So3<2%,
clay<8%, no impurity.
2, Lump quick lime: meet standard JC/T621-1996, technical requirements: A-CaO>65%, slacking time 8-15min, slacking temperature>65°C, burnt lime content <8%, ash content <10%, MgO <5%.

3, Gypsum: technical requirement: Dihydrate gypsum or phosphogypsum, SO2 content >35%.
4, Aluminium powder or aluminum paste: solids content >65%,
5, Cement: meet standard GB175-92, 32.5R bulk cement.

Steps for the making of the AAC blocks
1, crushing and grinding raw material
2, measuring and batching
3, mixing and making thick liquid

4, mould pouring
5, pre-curing
6, de-moulding and tilting
7, cutting
8, grouping into autoclave
9, steaming and maintaining with high temperature and pressure

10, leaving autoclave and packing
Equipments used for the AAC block making process
1. Crusher: Lime, gypsum, and such kind of bulk material need to be crushed as the first step in AAC Plant.
2. Ball mill: The AAC material must be fully grinded in order to make better reaction. Ball Mill is used widely, it has two types: dry and wet, can be chosen upon requirement.
3. Material Metering Equipments: Computer Control Automatic Metering System is commonly used as measurement of raw materials.
4. Material mixing and casting equipments: Mixer, it’s the slurry mixing machine, also is slurry casting machine.
5. Cutting Machine: the AAC blank is formed after casting and precuring, as the size is too large, it must be cut to achieve the required product size.

6. Autoclave: Autoclave is a device for silicate hydration products to get physical and mechanical properties.
7. Boiler: the boiler supports for the autoclave and preheat furnace and other facilities with heat.

8. Mould Frame, Mould Bottom and Mould Car, they composed together to form the Casting Mould, which is the main formingequipments in AAC Production Line.
9. Hardening Car, Ferry Cart and Hangers, they must be equipped as auxiliary equipments in autoclave curing system.

10. Finished products hanger takes the finished block, side plate and hardening car to other place.
What is the normal size of the AAC block
Length (mm): 600
Width (mm): 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250
60, 120, 180, 240
Height (mm): 200, 240, 250, 300
Remarks: the size can be customized

Applications of the finished AAC blocks
Finished AAC block is Suitable for all nonbearing wall and bearing wall of multi-story (less than six-floor), nonbearing wall internal parting wall, thermal insulation rooms front panel, floorslab.
1, Unit weight grade (kg/m3): 500, 600, 700, 800 (means 05,06,07,08 grade)
2, Compression strength grade (Mpa): A3.5, A5.0, A7.5, A10.0 (1Mpa=10kg/m2)
3, Drying shrinkage (mm/m): ≤ 0.8
4, Heat conductivity(w/m.k): 0.09-0.22
5, Sound-proofing performance(db): 40-47.75

Conforming with China national standards GB11968-1997 (the latest AAC block national standard)

1 Sand: meet standard JC/T622-1996 technical requirements: SiO2s >65% 0.08mm residue on sieve <20% CaCO3<10%
2 Lump quick lime: meet standard JC/T621-1996 technical requirements: A-CaO>65% slacking time 8-15min slacking temperature>65°C
3 Gypsum: technical requirement: Dihydrate gypsum or phosphogypsum SO2 content >35%.    
4 Aluminium powder or aluminum paste: solids content >65% 5 Cement: meet standard GB175-92 32.5R bulk cement.


Advantages of the AAC blocks
1, Lightweight: The aerated concrete dry bulk density generally is 400-800kg/m3, equivalently to clay brick 1/3, normal concrete 1/5, lower than normal light-weight aggregate concrete and hollow brick, hollow clay brick. so, using aerated concrete as wall material can lighten the building self weight, and then reduce the size of building foundation, girder and pillar etc. Structure, save building material and project cost, improve the building shock resistance.
2, Fireproof: Most of the major raw materials is inorganic materials, so it has good fire resistance, and do not emit harmful gases when meet fire. Fire 650 degrees, as a refractory material, the thick up of 90mm walls can reach to 245 minutes fire resistance, 300mm thick up wall can reach to 520 minutes fire resistance.
3, Sound insulation: Due to a unique porous structure, so it has a sound absorption capacity. The sound absorption capacity can reach of 10mm thick wall up to 41 db.
4, Insulation: As the material inside has a large numbers of the pores and porous, which has a good thermal insulation properties. The Thermal conductivity is 0.11-0.16W/MK, as 1/4-1/5 of brick. Typically, the insulation effect of 20cm thick aerated concrete wall is equivalent to 49cm thick solid brick walls ordinary.
5, Permeability: Result of material by the composition of many independent small pores, the moisture absorption is slow, in the volume of absorbent is 5 times of clay saturation do. When used in the bathroom, the wall can be treated to interface directly paste tiles.
6, Anti-seismic:The same building structure, improve the two seismic than the brick level.

7, Green: Manufacturing, transportation, all use the process of pollution, to protect arable land, saving energy, is one kind of a green building material.
8, Durability: material strength is stability, in the specimens tested after one year of atmospheric exposure; the intensity increased by 25%, and remained stable after ten years.
9, Shortcut: it has good machinability, can be sawed, planed, drilled, nailed, and available appropriate as bonding of adhesive material, so create favorable conditions for building construction.
10, Economies: An integrated lower cost than using more than 5% of solid clay bricks, and can increase the usable area, greatly enhance the utilization of floor space.

 General drawing design of the AAC block making plant
50,000~600,000m3/Year AAC Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Panel Production Line   
Fireproof Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Production Line 600-1400kw Power 1

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