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Grasp Details Of Fine - Vacuum Brick Factory Safe Production Report.

January 30, 2018

Safe production is no small matter, small and small to become big!In recent years, is located in the henan region of environmental protection building materials equipment industry professional production enterprises - gongyi city wanda machinery factory production safety stable, contract execution, a straight-a, earned praise for the service quality, brand image improved!It has injected strong impetus to the safe, healthy and efficient development of enterprises and the continuous casting of national brands.

What is the winning book?Wanda machinery gives the answer: adhere to the safety production standardization management.

The system first strengthens the execution.

Security management, the system is the class, the system is the net.Gongyi city wanda machinery factory, from the perspective of the standard of safe production system, combined with the requirements of environmental protection building materials equipment industry, revision improved "wanda machinery production safety regulations", "wanda machinery safety in production supervision system", "wanda machinery major projects system of leading cadres to be present to the hills, and a series of rules and regulations.

System is fundamental, execution is the key.Gongyi wanda machinery factory is built as the grip of safety production execution force, the whole staff, all-around, the whole process control the security risk, strengthens the management management, constructs the solid security barrier.

Wangda staff safety before the shift in wanda machinery company.Each vacuum brick machine, setting machine, sintered brick production line production workshop, the project department in accordance with the "task clear risk factors, operating procedures, clear, clear, safety measures clearly" requirements, safety disclosure neatly lined up in a day before you start shift, make wanda employees on the same day the focal point of safe production, main points, key points, danger point sensing, work to dispose.

Culture leads to improve production quality.

Culture is the soul, is the core element that promotes standardization management.Wangda machinery combines the actual, the attention characteristic, the safety culture bright spot frequency appears, the function manifests.

Wanda machinery in combination with the central enterprise safety production ban, introduced the ten ban wanda machinery safety in production, and will post ban made into a unified layout, reminder of wanda employees comply with the ban on compliance.Wanda machinery office regularly distribute safety supervision briefing and the production monthly bulletin, rich in content, informative, for safety production standardization "what to do, what to do, do" provides a guide for action.

Wanda machinery often holds safety lecture hall, safety essay, safe labor competition and other activities, creating a strong atmosphere of security culture.Vacuum brick machine, setting machine, sintered brick production line product each production workshop has a sharp safety remind related accidents graphic layout, completely change to study documents and notification is given priority to the traditional education mode, let each flourishing talent image intuitively accept safety education from the deep heart's core, to achieve the purpose of reach the soul and touches thought.

Safety production and quality management, such as shadow travel, safety decision quality, quality impact safety.

Safety production standardization, only when, when not completed!Safety and promote quality and makes the environmental protection building materials equipment industry the national brand, for the society to provide quality and reliable security vacuum brick machine, setting machine, sintered brick production line products, wanda machinery always on the road!

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