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The Enterprise Culture Plastic Spirit Helps To Achieve Steady Development.

January 30, 2018

As a professional brand enterprise in China's environmental construction materials and equipment industry, gongyi wanda machinery factory has changed a lot in recent years.Now wanda machinery not only has a certain degree of recognition in the domestic environmental protection building materials and equipment industry, but also extends wanda machinery this card to many overseas countries.The reason that wanda is able to develop so steadily is due to its good corporate culture.Enterprise culture is the soul of wanda machinery and development foundation, and the formation of wanda machinery enterprise culture, also is not a day, it is a popular talent in learning practice, from bud gradually mature.

The embryonic stage of wanda enterprise's cultural consciousness.

At the beginning of the development of the enterprise, the founder of wanda group paid great attention to the construction of enterprise culture and made clear that "enterprise culture construction is the basic task of wanda enterprise management".

In wanda machinery, founder of the first spiritual guidance, wanda was forged a strong centripetal force of the cadre staff, at the same time, vigorously carry forward the Chinese traditional virtue, carry out "work more", "almighty, came down on the" principle, stimulate the enterprise vitality, which ushered in the wanda consecutive years of steady development.

Wanda at this time, although there is no system of culture idea, but there is always a simple but powerful spirit, influencing and shaping the swan's way of thinking and behavior, that is the Chinese traditional virtue, filial to parents, respect elders;Treat others as equals and serve them well;Loyal, dedicated and honest;Be strict with yourself and take the lead.To be a person of principle and integrity;Objective justice, meritocracy...The simple words and expressions provide a strong spiritual support for the prosperous people.Since then, wanda's corporate culture has begun to sprout.

The stage of enterprise culture innovation in the long run.

Rapid development in the enterprise at the same time, wanda did not stop in front of achievement, but is keen to perceive with the development of the enterprise, only relying on the rule of man, have been unable to meet the needs of wanda sustainable and healthy development, must be implemented from rule of man to rule of law, from the extensive to the fine management transformation.Therefore, wanda absorbs the development experience of advanced enterprises both at home and abroad, and makes a strategic and management review of the enterprise.

It is this transformation that makes wanda gradually realize that the essence of enterprise transformation is the transformation of people and culture, which is the renewal of people's ideas, the change of attitude behavior and the improvement of ability.

Now wanda machinery is standing on the starting point of a new era, whether the vacuum brick machine, setting machine, sintered brick production line products or services, wanda machinery all strives for perfection, strive to go further.It is not only the dream of an enterprise, but also a national brand made by China in the field of environmental building materials and equipment.In the future, wanda machinery will be based on the excellent corporate culture, a steady development step by step.Create a national brand, promote the Chinese manufacturing, stand on the world tide, only my Chinese children!Wanda is willing to join hands with you to build the Chinese dream, best regards!

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