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The Importance Of Green Environmental Protection.

January 30, 2018

In normal life and work, we will affect our physical and mental health response to the environment, good mood comes from a good environment, so the importance of environment in the influence of the civilized society, we should pay attention to.


In today's increasingly green environment, manufacturers are struggling to reduce pollution.As machinery industry, we should be consistent impression of noisy, dirty, disorderly and poor combination, in order to create a good working environment, automatic setting machine production line also made the system of practical and effective,


which should be paid attention to in the work environment?1. Choose reasonable construction methods to avoid the influence of dirty, disorderly and poor.2, the requirement of working environment in the brick enterprises, dust pollution is serious, setting machine in the pipe construction, the construction site should be clean, and shall not be in the dust and high humidity environment construction, conditional place best dedicated facilities for making use of the pipeline, and realize the target of clean assembly.Hydraulic station, pipe, valve material should be kept in a relatively clean warehouse.3. Strengthen the confidentiality of equipment.


Reasonable selection of pipes, fittings, equipment liquid strict, and pipe material has been in the factory for acid treatment.

The key selection is to use the hydraulic station pipe, the valve part of the interface form to choose, the elbow should be used as far as possible to simmer, the pipeline to avoid the use of the short tube to be spliced.

Automatic setting machine, the requirement of working environment must to do the above, this will bring convenience to the work, bring benefits, benefits, and selects the reasonable construction method, through the above ways to effectively control automatic setting machine series equipment of the environment, to create a good working environment for you to prepare!

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