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Common Failure Of Vacuum Brick Machine.

January 30, 2018

Latest company news about Common Failure Of Vacuum Brick Machine.

The vacuum brick machine is used for making bricks.In the process of operation, the vacuum brick machine can be used for some technical reasons or operating factors.These will affect the use and sales of the vacuum brick machine.So what are the main failures of the vacuum brick machine?

(1) due to the failure of individual parts of the vacuum brick machine, the vacuum brick machine cannot continue to complete the set function.If the reducer coupling plunger is broken and cannot transfer the power;The internal combustion engine can not be started because of piston ring.

(2) the failure of parameter such as vacuum brick machine output parameters (features) beyond the allowed limit, it does not prevent vacuum brick machine carries on, but according to the requirements of technical standard, the vacuum brick machine poor ability to work or lost the ability to work.If the machine tool is worn down, the machining accuracy is reduced;The internal combustion wish is due to the large gap between piston ring and lower power.In the complex vacuum brick machine, the fault of part parameter can also cause malfunction.

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