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What Is The Importance Of The Gas Flow When The Bricks Are Roasting In The Kiln?

January 30, 2018

Latest company news about What Is The Importance Of The Gas Flow When The Bricks Are Roasting In The Kiln?

In the vacuum ling machine production line, the type of kiln has net type, one kind is tunnel kiln, one kind is rotary kiln.The different kiln type means the roasting way of the brick kiln is different, the gas flow in the kiln.

It's different.The flow of gas in the kiln has a great effect on the roasting of brick.Next, we will take the wheel kiln as an example, to explain to you the vacuum brick machine to pick up the moulded brick in the wheel.

The importance of gas flow during kiln firing.

When the brick kiln is fired, it is put into the kiln in a certain form and fired by the fireeye.The burning desire is continuously transmitted to the body to make the body burn.

Tile finished product.Fuel combustion requires oxygen, which is supplied by the air flow preheated by the cooling zone.The heat released by the combustion needs to be passed to the body, and the hot and hot gas is the medium for heating the body.

Interface.The high temperature products are cooled to the normal temperature to get out of the kiln, and the heat is taken away by the cold air flowing into the kiln, and the residual moisture and dry billet are continuously preheated or heated up.

Depends on the hot smoke stream from the roasting zone.Therefore, the roasting of rotary kiln is dependent on the flow of gas.

Specifically, gas flow has the following three important aspects:

(1) the important factors that influence the production of rotary kiln during gas flow.In order to speed up the fire speed, strengthen fuel combustion, strengthen preheating and cooling process, the gas must be accelerated in the kiln.

The velocity of flow.In other words, to make the wheel star high, you need to increase the ventilation.

(2) it is important to determine the uniformity of roasting of the slab.

In general, which part of the billet is larger through the flow, the speed of this part of the fire is fast (but it can lower the temperature and contain the speed of the fire).In order to make the fire head balanced on the large surface tax such as the cross section of the kiln, it is necessary to ensure that the airflow is evenly distributed on the cross section of the kiln.

(3) controlling the fire degree of the kiln.

When the roasting operation is careless, the whole kiln should reduce the air flow and adopt measures such as reducing the damper to raise the fire.When it is necessary to quicken the roasting progress, it is necessary to increase the ventilation and urge the fire to accelerate.When the fire inside the kiln is too large, when the internal fuel seething is too high, it must quickly reduce the ventilation and control the combustion.All of these indicate that air flow is an important factor in controlling fire.

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